A balanced Investment, with giant potential

Fastoil Limited is focused on delivering transformational value through the appraisal and discovery of material accumulations of hydrocarbons

Starter Investment Share

Min $10 - Max $500

+0.05 (+1.5 %)


Alpha Investment Share

Min $500 - Max $10000

+0.2 (+20 %)


Beta Investment Share

Min $5000 - Max $100000

+0.33 (+33.5 %)


Pro Investment Share

ABOVE $100000

+0.65 (+65 %)


Our Operations

We have built a diverse investment portfolio with giant potential in the underexplored deep water regions of the global margin

Fastoil’s goal is to create transformational stakeholder value through the discovery of material accumulations of hydrocarbons. We aim to do this through delivering a high impact investemnt programme sustained by the development of our low cost gas appraisal asset.


Downstream will make significant additional contributions to cash flow. Refining & Chemicals is focusing on growing petrochemicals. Marketing & Services is expanding in large, fast-growing markets. Both segments also invest in new low carbon businesses (biofuels, bioplastics, plastic recycling, EV charging points, natural gas for trucks and shipping…).

Given the solid financial position, which is benefiting from growing cash flow, the Board of Directors decided to accelerate dividend growth for the coming years with guidance of putting investment Up.

Flexible, absolute return, multi-sector income strategy provides potential for an attractive solution in the current low-yield bond market environment.

Fastoil limited represents an opportunity to invest in the under-explored but highly prospective regions of the gobal margin that sit outside of the traditional, more densely explored parts of the fairway.

With its assets in frontier, established and emerging hydrocarbon provinces, Fastoil has balanced its risk profile with crypto currency investment program with over $3.5 million set to help investors invest and get a sustainable growth over the long term with a low risk gas appraisal opportunity and secured acreage in areas that have established petroleum systems with the potential to hold giant discoveries.

The highly experienced team continues to progress the portfolio whilst maintaining its de-risking strategy, building towards the creation of significant value and the generation of sustainable growth over the long term.

How to Invest

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Having selected an Investment Plan, choose how much you wish to invest, how you wish to fund it and preferred ROI model; then fill out a very simple form to sign up for an Investment Account.

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Select any of the Investment Plans you wish to start with. You can always further Invest under any of the Plans from your account when you have signed up.

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Then, fund your Investment through any of the available mediums, mostly Digital Currencies (BTC, ETH, LTC, etc.) for ease of global payment when funding investments and when receiving your payouts.

How to Invest

We Trade and Invest strategically with your funds

Our Traders and Investors then take it from here. Leveraging their experience and expertise, your funds are strategically put into our portfolio trading and investments.

Your Account receives interests weekly

Your Investment Account receives interests on weekends or month-ends, depending on the ROI Model you opted for

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